Electro Content Marketeting specialises in editorial, web development, SEO, digital marketing and interactive content.



Producing quality content is only half the battle. With companies increasingly using content marketing, the ability to distribute it to a relevant audience is key.

Web development

Languages include Javascript and Ruby. Frameworks include Ruby on Rails and AngularJS. Adaptation of CMS including WordPress and Drupal.

Social Media

From the simple, such as building followers on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin groups. To the more adventurous, like building Twitter bots or streaming live content.


Written content including blogs, news or features. All written by an experienced journalist with B2B experience.


Content marketing strategy advice. Be it print, video or podcasting, pick the route that fits your aims and requirements.


Podcasting, video, channel development, print or production or interactive content for your site.

How companies are using content marketing*

Percentage of brands publishing content daily
Percentage of companies creating more content than a year ago
Percentage of consumers who would buy after viewing custom content
B2B co's using a content strategy